STCKY - the easiest, fastest, and most lucrative branded messaging apps

The fastest and best solution for engaging fans and generating revenue with custom stickers and keyboards.

Be a part of your fans' everyday conversations.

Stickers are a high-performing new content channel for brands to engage fans every day.

STCKY is the fastest and easiest way to build, launch, and manage your branded sticker and keyboard emoji apps.

Fastest time to launch

Don't wait around for a developer! The STCKY platform is extremely fast. If your art and assets are ready, your custom apps will be ready for your review within days.

Generate significant revenue

Paid apps turn your branded content into revenue. But, STCKY's proprietary platform goes even farther – driving cross-sell and up-sell via in-app purchases of additional content.

Worry-free and hassle-free

Who wants to manage an app or developer? We fully manage your apps from start to finish so you never have to worry about anything except cashing your checks.

Your content, everywhere

Why settle for just a sticker pack? On STCKY, your assets are instantly transformed into an iMessage sticker app, an iOS keyboard, an iOS homescreen app, and an Android keyboard so fans can use your content in any way they want.

Real apps custom for your brand

Do you want your apps to be special? STCKY apps are real apps that are customizable to your brand and goals. Flexible, beautifully designed, and custom to your brand and aesthetic.

Do more than just emojis

Let's do this

Check out these amazing STCKY apps!

Cheesemojis by Murray's Cheese
Oh Myyy-ojis by George Takei

How it works

1. Sign Up

Once you sign up with STCKY we will guide you through our simple, seamless process.

2. Prepare Content

Don't have content? No problem. Our team of world-class designers can create your content for you.

3. STCKY Makes Your Apps

In no time flat, we'll prepare an iMessage sticker app, an iOS Keyboard app with host app, and an Android keyboard app.

4. You Review, We Launch

You'll be able to test your apps on your devices, then when ready, we'll submit them on your behalf.

5. Sit back & enjoy your revenue

After launch, STCKY fully manages your apps for as long as you want. We handle updates, bugs, app stores, and all the aspects of the app. All you need to do is tell your fans about your new apps.

Join the fastest, easiest, and most lucrative branded messaging engagement platform.